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Hear Your Way To Musical Freedom!


Would you like the ability to figure out what music you're listening to?


Are you a frustrated musician trying to figure out the sounds in your head?


Does it take a long time to get your golden ideas onto the page?


Perhaps you're looking to be better at sightsinging?


Look no further.


The book "Melodic Etudes: Approaching Music Using Intervals" is designed to help you develop your "inner ear" and hear your way to freedom.


You see, everything in music--chords, scales, melodis etc--is composed of an interval. When you gain a fundamental understanding of how each interval sounds and how notes relate to each other, the musical world is YOUR oyster.


This book goes through a simple step by step process of hearing each interval within an octave. Sing with the recording, then sing the etude.


Included with the book are recordings that coincide with each specific interval. In addition to concert pitch etudes, this book includes transposed etudes for: Bb instruments, Eb instruments, F instruments and bass clef instruments.


With CONSISTENT practice, you'll be able to hear (and play) the music that you desire.

Melodic Etudes Approaching Music Using Intervals Recording + PDF

  • The Book is a PDF

    The Tracks are mp3 files in concert pitch

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