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Composition Portfolio
Please enjoy the music!

My Composition Reel contains a selection of my best instrumental compositions, showcasing my style and range.
It is designed to give potential clients a taste of what I can do in order to help them decide if my music is the right fit for their project.
Whether you need a catchy melody, a unique soundscape, or a powerful beat, I am confident that my Composition Reel will speak for itself.

Contact me by clicking here. Thank you!


G n P - Just may be a Dream
Crazy, Caged, Cease to Exist Movement II
Jupitor-String Quartet
Jamz Suite

Performance Highlihgts

Processional Release Concert

Rittenhouse Sound Works Germantown, PA

Chris Oatts-Reeds

Mike Frank-Piano

Joe Plowman-Bass

Frank Gattis-Drums

Jazz Bridge Concert-The Marcell Bellinger Trio

Horton Street Playground-N. Horton Street

Chris Coyle-Bass

Jeremy Sowers-Drums

Singles and Albums

Track 6: "Lights of the
Northern Sky"
Dr. B.png

I. Red Light

II. Basement Party

III. Bach to Basics

Chemistry Album Cover

"Well All Right Now"

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