Media Music for Sale

Are you looking for exclusive custom music that can help raise awareness of your business?


Hello! I am Marcell of Bellinger Sounds LLC. Before we dive into the nuts and bolts, first we have to define “custom music”.


Custom music is nothing more than music that has a specific purpose in media.


How does that help you as a business owner?


The proof is in the pudding. 


Custom music is how popular brands are recognized. 


Can you imagine McDonald’s or State Farm not having the music that is associated with their brand?


That is the power of custom music. 


Music that is attached to a brand or product is a tool that helps your potential customer with brand recognition. If your brand has strong recognition, then the added music is like getting sales on autopilot. 


What business owner doesn’t want sales on autopilot?


Imagine every time your custom song is heard the cash register starts ringing…


You can have this happen for your business too.


To get your custom music simply click here and we’ll get on a call and discuss how you’d like your song to sound.