Freelance Music Service

Imagine your special day or event with the
singing sound of the trumpet!

Think of how stress free you'd be knowing that the music for your
event is being handled by a professional. Knowing the music is
taken care of, this leaves you to tackle everything else on your list.


Focusing on the where and when of your event, gain clarity on your guest list, or even tackling any last minute issues; this is easy.

There's only one problem.

The the music for your event is not booked!

With Freelance Trumpet Services, you can create a lasting memory for you and your guests. Here is what you'll get:

20 + years of performance experience
Music for your event that will make it a day to remember

It's like having a soundtrack for your special day or event.
Minus the minus the $10,000+ expense.


Maybe even after watching the video, you're still on the fence.

That's OK.

You could ignore this offer and continue...
... to search for high calibur music procrastinate as the event date gets closer and you won't have your entertainment booked
... to stress and then you'll want to take the easy road out and play music from your phone
... to have NO MUSIC for your special day or event
... settling for just imagining your peace of mind, lasting memories, happy guests


Or, for just $500 minimum booking fee, you could use Freelance Trumpet Services and get...
Peace of mind, lasting memories, and happy guests. Be the talk of the town!


If you're ready to imagine your special day or event with the singing sound of the trumpet, you'll want to take advantage of our special. If you're ready to cross the music off your list, you'll want to take
action and click the book now button.


Due to the high demands of life, a limited amount of dates are available. Click "book now" and save your date, I can only offer so many dates at this price point.

Click Book Now today before the price increases or you don't get your desired date.

Click "Book Now" to make your next event start and end on a high note!


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